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Christian Dawid
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“World class clarinetist with a magically lyrical phrasing” JÜDISCHE ALLGEMEINE

Trained classically, Christian Dawid has explored styles from chamber music to Jazz and Alpine Brass. In addition to the projects listed here, he has performed with such artists as Boban Markovic, Frank London, Socalled, Alan Bern, Brave Old World, Theodore Bikel, Lorin Sklamberg, Shura Lipovsky, Khupe, and Yuriy Gurzhy.

As a teacher, Christian Dawid has been invited to Yiddish music institutes and festivals all over the world, including Yiddish Summer Weimar, KlezKanada, KlezFest St Petersburg, KlezFest London, Klezmer Paris, KlezKamp and the Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow.


A traditional Ukrainian brass band. The brothers Baranovsky and their in-laws play unique family repertoire from Podolia. Dawid met the group in Vienna in 2005; he now produces the band and has, through regular research trips to Western Ukraine, become an unofficial family member of the Baranovsky clan.

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A new powerhouse trio with Sanne Möricke and Guy Schalom, collecting grooves on a journey from Eastern Europe to the Middle East - acoustic, hand-picked, highly energetic, mystic and utterly danceable.


Christian Dawid's first cooperation with Polish singer Urszula Makosz: a journey of Yiddish songs written from 1939 to 1945, this song cycle is accompanied by a visual flurry of light, paper and the written word, and reveals the hope and the perseverance of creativity and art through the worst conditions.

Christian Dawid also
regularly performs with
Paul Brody's Sadawi
and Shtetl Band Amsterdam
Recording Arkady Gendler

An international project to document and record the work of Bessarabian-born singer and composer Arkady Gendler (*1921), conducted by Christian Dawid. His new arrangements of Arkady's original songs are featured on the soon-to-be-released CD, recorded in October 2011 in Vienna.


An international gathering of 14 leading klezmer and lautari musicians. Created and directed by Alan Bern, this path-breaking intercultural supergroup restores a centuries-old cooperation between two groups who cohabited the same space in present-day Moldova before being torn apart by war, holocaust and immigration.

Das Bremer Klarinettenquartett

The Bremen Clarinet Quartet is Dawid's first musical project, happily performing for 24 years now. The ensemble plays original classical compositions and many of Dawid's own arrangements - and sometimes also his compositions, here presenting an excerpt from 'The Captain's Songbook', featuring guest singer Carol Saint-Clair.

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